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pink and white stones
It all started …

Out of curiosity

then, I fell in love.

The magic of crystals, art, and family. This is the ancient happy method.

Still here?

This is raw beauty

This is raw beauty with metaphysical capabilities in perfect little vessels.

I’ve always loved rocks and minerals; there is just so much beauty in them.

Many people don’t see it and think “it’s just a rock.”

To me, they are more.

I feel it when I touch a crystal, when I see a stone, and when I pick up a rock.

Crystals/rocks/stones/minerals~ they are the ancient happy method.

Happy places…

get ready!

Let’s cultivate an air of love + happiness.

live in peace

spread the light

love love love

All our crystals are cleansed under moonlight as they wait for their new purpose!

We package everything carefully to provide a stress-free experience to all our customers.

proudly woman-owned
& family-run

the ancient